Big hand Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Torch Track Cutter

No Electricity Required


1, The main body is made of high strength alloy aluminum by die-casting, compact structure.

2, The machine uses two chains to insure the body fastening to pipe.

3, Reducing or adding chains for different OD pipe cutting.

4, Cutting speed controlled by hand, also for slope, V(45°) cutting.

5, Good at field work with no electricity source as well as large OD pipe.

6, Suitable for ship building, oil, chemical, and metal structure factory, ect.

7, Note: the attached chain can be used for maximum OD of pipe cutting is 1000mm.

8, 12 months warranty



Overall Dimension: 515*370*510mm

Min DIA pipe: 250mm

Cutting Thickness: 6-50mm

Cutting speed: hand control

Weights: 16.5kg

Beveling Machine

The Beveling Machine is ideal for use when there is a minimum amount of clearance around the pipe. The stainless steel band can be positioned in tight areas of pipe runs that need repair as it requires only 6″ (153mm) clearance. The light flexible band will allow the Beveling Machine to give a consistent bevel on severely out-of-round pipe, as the band conforms to the pipe shape.

Bands from 6″ to 12″ (152mm to 305mm) are made from 14 gauge stainless steel. Bands 14″ (356mm) and larger are made from 12 gauge stainless steel.

The lightweight Beveling Machine enables one man operation on diameters as large as 60″ (1524mm). Bands for pipe sizes 6″ to 60″ (152 to 1524mm) and larger are available upon request.


ONE MAN OPERATION—one man can set-up and cut pipes as large as 48″ (1219mm).

BAND CONFORMS to the out-of-round condition of the pipe to keep the torch at a preset distance from the pipe wall.

EASE OF SET-UP is realized when cutting horizontal or vertical pipes due to lightweight Band design.

LOW PROFILE of the Crawler only requires 6″ (152mm) of radial clearance around the pipe when used with a right angle drive adapter.

QUICK INSTALLATION and CLOSURE with the latching mechanism of the band on the pipe.

POSITIVE ALIGNMENT of the bands due to its uniquely designed “male/female” configured band ends to allow ease of alignment.

One Beveling Machine FITS ALL BAND SIZES.

60% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.

Beveling Machine Kit includes:

Base crawler machine

Eccentric torch carrier

9′ (2.7m) or 14′ (4.3m) drive cable

Parts and operating manual

Not Included:

Machine cutting torch

Torch angle head adaptor